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Customer Integration

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Our customer integration services

We have designed our customer integration services to guide you through every step of your eye tracking journey: from innovation to commercialization.

Our ways of working

At Tobii, we like to work closely with our customers. Our ways of working are deeply rooted in collaboration and knowledge sharing. We know it’s one of the best ways, perhaps the only way, to introduce eye tracking to your new products and applications.

Industrial prototyping

We help you overcome common hurdles

Such as how to:

  • Understand the data streams eye tracking generates.

  • Leverage the data streams in your application.

  • Customize eye tracking calibration for your use cases.

  • Create user experiences that are an intuitive fit for your products and use cases.

  • Develop tests and reports.

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We also provide

Services and development support

Over the past two decades, our global Professional Services team has helped many customers integrate eye tracking in their solutions.

No two use cases are the same. Each one presents specific challenges and problems to solve. But the processes and journeys are similar. Our team has developed a set of best practices, a blueprint if you like, to guide you through product lifecycle development, from innovation to commercialization.

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Training workshops

It may sound simple, but we’ve discovered that the best way to get started is with a workshop. Spend at least a day, maybe several, with some of our eye tracking experts, passionate Tobiians who love a challenge.

We bring the equipment, the eye tracker components, the 3D-printer, and the software. You bring the use case. Together, we’ll work out a plan that allows you to determine whether eye tracking is a technology that can bring value to your products and applications.

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