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Tobii holds one of the world’s largest patent portfolios related to eye tracking, attention computing, human behavior, and associated technologies. Our patent portfolio comprises over 700 patents and patent applications worldwide, including over 180 granted US patents.

Tobii’s IP licensing program

Tobii patent portfolio size

Patent portfolio size

Tobii holds international patents in foundational and evolving eye tracking technologies. In addition to our extensive patent portfolio, which dates back to 1988, we take care to maintain and protect our internal intellectual property and long-standing know-how related to eye tracking.

Tobii IP licensing - portfolio coverage

Portfolio coverage

Tobii has an extensive patent portfolio to protect its unique proprietary technologies. These patents and patent applications cover aspects such as sensor technology, illumination methods, algorithms, data transfer mechanisms and eye control interaction techniques.

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Tobii has one of the strongest portfolios of eye-tracking related patents in the industry around the globe.

Examples of Tobii’s patented technologies

Tobii IS5XT components

Image sensors

Our IP addresses the design, control, and readout of data from image sensors to improve the robustness, cost- and power-efficiency of eye tracking.

Tobii IS5XT components


Our lP addresses illumination types, timing, direction, and frequency to maximize tracking performance and minimize power consumption and cost.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3

System design

Addressing both screen-based and wearable eye tracking technologies, our IP relates to physical integration techniques, calibration methods, and system layouts. These proprietary technologies facilitate the design of robust, low cost, and high accuracy eye tracking systems.

Tobii Algorithms

Algorithms and methods

Our IP addresses algorithms and methods for performing and implementing robust, consistently accurate, and cost-efficient eye tracking.

Tobii Eye tracker on a screen

Eye gaze interaction methods

This intellectual property addresses the use of gaze as an input in multimodal user interfaces and incorporation of gaze into operating systems —concepts fundamental to gaze-based multimodal interaction.

Tobii Patents

Specific applications and use cases

In addition to IP related to eye tracking, our portfolio includes patents, applications and intellectual property relating to specific uses and applications for eye tracking, in industries such as automotive, biometrics, consumer engagement measurement, teleconferencing, and wearables.

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