Tobii Aware FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Tobii Aware

Here are answers on some of the questions OEMs frequently ask us about implementing Tobii Aware on their devices.

What is Tobii Aware?

Tobii Aware is a set of smart features that enable users to increase their privacy, security, productivity, and wellbeing while using a PC. Our software can detect real-time user presence, understand human attention and intent, and anticipate the user’s needs. It can be integrated into a wide range of personal computing products by making use of the built-in RGB webcam.

Is Tobii Aware available now?

Tobii Aware has been available since 2016 and is currently only available through OEM device integrations.

What features does Tobii Aware offer?

Privacy screen with continuous ID authentication — The screen blurs when the user looks away and refocuses for the correct active user.

Auto-lock — The computer automatically locks when the correct user is not present.

Peeker detection — Protect the information on the screen from shoulder surfing. The software gives subtle visual clues to let you know when another person looks at the screen, with optional automatic or reaction-based privacy screen activation.

Digital wellbeing insights – Measure daily usage and track habits such as screen time, user position, distance to screen, and break times to provide insights and healthy reminders.

Stay awake – The computer will not dim or sleep when the user is present but inactive. It stays awake as long as the correct user is in front.

Windows Snap – Makes the user’s life easier by snapping the selected window to whatever screen the user is looking at.

Warp mouse pointer – Helps the user find the cursor by moving the pointer to the screen the user is looking at.

Is Tobii Aware hardware or software?

Tobii Aware is a software package that leverages data signals generated by firmware and hardware sensors and camera components (such as RGB webcams). Tobii Aware is run through the Tobii Experience App, which allows you to access features, change settings and access troubleshooting.

Tobii Aware ships with the necessary drivers and the Tobii Experience App as a PC leaves the factory. Drivers update through Windows Update and Tobii Experience App through Microsoft Store.

What are the system requirements for Tobii Aware?

The minimum system requirements for Tobii Aware are an RGB camera module running on Windows 10 21H1 or later or Windows 11, with 2.0 GHz, Intel i5 or i7, 8 GB RAM.

Can I get custom features?

Yes. We evaluate custom features on a case-by-case basis with our partners. Please reach out. We also offer the necessary signals and feature-level APIs to assist partners to develop features in their own applications.

How is Tobii Aware delivered and what is the user experience?

Tobii Aware is shipped directly on a device and configured through the Tobii Experience App, which provides access to features, settings, and troubleshooting.

Tobii Aware ships with the necessary drivers and apps. Drivers are updated through Windows Update and Tobii Experience App from Microsoft Store.

On first use, users must accept the end-user license agreement (EULA) before being granted access to the Tobii Experience app.

Can I change the default settings for individual features?

You can control and change settings for the individual features for Tobii Aware through the Tobii Experience App. Settings may vary from device to device.

Can I run Tobii Aware on Chrome OS or macOS?

Support for Tobii Aware is currently provided for Windows 10 & Windows 11. Support for Chrome OS and macOS is not yet available.

Is Tobii Aware always on? How do I switch it on and off? And how do I uninstall it?

Tobii Aware features are off by default. They switch to on when the user accepts the end-user license agreement. Users can disable features through the Tobii Experience App and disable the app through the tray icon.  To uninstall Tobii Aware, use Windows settings.

What cameras or sensors does Tobii Aware support?

Currently, Tobii Aware supports RGB cameras, NIR/RGB hybrid cameras and Windows Hello NIR cameras. Sensor fusion with, and support for, Time-of-Flight, Ultra-low-Power Always-On sensors and other Human presence detection sensors can be achieved on a case-by-case basis.

Does Tobii Aware store images or send my data over the internet?

No. Camera images are not stored locally nor are they transmitted over internet. However, for Tobii Continuous ID, face descriptors that include feature points — no images — are stored locally.

Does Tobii Aware capture video?

No, Tobii Aware does not capture video.

If I have a peripheral USB NIR or RGB web camera, such as a Logitech Brio, can it run Tobii Aware?

No. Tobii Aware does not run on out-of-the-box for USB Windows Hello NIR or RGB web cameras. It is, however, possible with additional firmware, drivers, and some development work. We are open to discussion, please contact us.

What factors affect the performance of Tobii Aware?

Performance can depend on ambient lighting conditions, the presence of bright light from the back or side, noisy sensor or camera images, Illumination / LED intensity, lens, and system and CPU loads.

Does it matter if the camera is placed on the top or bottom of the screen?

Yes. Currently Tobii Aware algorithms are trained for sensor placements at the top of the screen.

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