Tobii Nexus

Webcam eye tracking for your device or application

Develop smarter abilities and interactivity within your application – for any user, on any device.

What you can do

Empower your healthcare application with eye tracking

As health-related technology is developed, Tobii Nexus empowers scaled-up eye tracking innovations for the assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, depression, and more. Use cases previously requiring a hardware eye tracker will now work on any device with a webcam.

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Revolutionize learning with Tobii Nexus

Education is changing, with ever more inclusive teaching methods that allow children to learn at their own pace. With eye tracking from Tobii Nexus, digital content comes to life at the glance of an eye. Both teachers and AI solutions can use eye tracking data to gain deeper insights into students’ progress, performance, and blockers.

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Create touchless interactivity

Tobii Nexus senses what people pay attention to, letting you enhance digital collaboration, deliver VR-like 3D experiences on a desktop computer, or add a handsfree dimension to work.

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Why Tobii Nexus

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Tobii Nexus enables

  • Eye tracking on any webcam

  • Wide population coverage

  • Large-screen support

  • Easy integration

The technology

The core of Tobii Nexus

From eye size to face shape, skin color to gender - diversity defines us, but that raises challenges for eye tracking. Combine that with varying conditions, lighting, and face obstructions, and accurately measuring attention becomes almost unworkable.

We have leveraged 20 years of experience and innovation to build a new way to collect data and optimize algorithms.

Using broad population coverage, we have trained an AI inference solution with a built-in geometrical model that solves population challenges using the minimum computational footprint.

It’s called Tobii Nexus: an integration platform that serves as a foundation for devices and applications that change the way we interact with technology.

How to get started?

We've designed the following development kit to help you begin developing with Tobii Nexus.

Development kit
Development license 6 months
Support6 months development support
Purpose of developmentCommercial
Max number of computers to run on15
Driver updatesYes
Binaries distribution rightsRequires separate license
Research useRequires separate license

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