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Tobii Aware for Enterprise

Secure the last meter of the network

Increase personal and business display privacy by using smart sensors, user presence, attention awareness and ID authentication, while also improving your productivity and well-being, along with enhancing camera-based experiences.

What is Tobii Aware

What is Tobii Aware?

Tobii Aware is a set of smart features that enable you to increase your privacy, security, productivity, and wellbeing while also improving your camera-based experiences with features such as smart framing and lively avatars for streaming, content creation and video conferencing.

Our software is developed to detect real-time user presence and attention to understand human intent and anticipate your needs. It can be integrated into, or used effectively with, a wide range of personal computing products by making use of the built-in or peripheral RGB webcam. It is an important part of Tobii’s mission to improve the world with technology that understands human attention and intent.

Why use Tobii Aware

Why use Tobii Aware

With Tobii Aware you can reduce risks in open or remote work areas, protect and secure data and solve common pain points most companies face on a daily basis.

High risk areas

The value for Tobii Aware features is highest in everyday work environments where there could be people around.

  • Co-shared workspaces

  • Work-from-home

  • Office space

  • Business travel

  • Cafes

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The 3 states of data

  • Data at Rest

    Data that is not being accessed, stored on file servers or in databases.

  • Data in Transit

    Data that travels through applications like email, Slack or Teams.

  • Data in Use

    Data which is opened and accessed by the user.

Why Enterprises need “Data-in-Use” security

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Regulations-based interest and business interest in information security due to:

  • Fear of loss of IP and proprietary or secure data
  • Fear of fines from non-compliance
  • Fear of loss of reputation from breach (future lost customers)
  • Proactive positioning as leader (brand improvement)
Tobii Aware security systems

Ease-of-use goals

  • Users often bypass inconvenient security systems
  • Companies want better security that is more intuitive and user-responsive
Tobii Aware analytics

Improved Analytics

  • Companies have network data, but not real-world data
  • Correlate real-world activity with digital data
  • Improve productivity and security – leads to better profitability

Tobii Aware helps solve these Enterprise Pain Points

  • Visual hacking is easy.

  • Visual hacking happens quickly.

  • Computer screens are at risk.

  • Visual hacking often goes unnoticed.

  • Anyone can be a visual hacker.

  • Open office designs are prime targets.

  • Be aware of common areas and glass walls.

  • 55% of employees work more hours remotely than in the physical office.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security

With the rise of flexible remote work, it is more important than ever to protect sensitive information in public spaces like coffee shops, airports and coworking areas. Visual hacking is an ever-present threat, which is why Tobii Aware empowers IT departments to support their employees’ privacy wherever they are.

Privacy screen with Continuous ID

Tobii Aware can blur the screen when the user looks or steps away from their device and will un-blur it only when the correct user looks back at the screen or is present again.

This allows you to trust your computer to not show your content to other people as you turn to speak with them or leave the device. Avoid intentional and unintentional visual hacking. Also, Auto-Locks immediately if the adversary tries to interact with it!

Auto-Lock & Dim Screen

Enhance privacy and security by automatically locking the screen shortly after the user leaves. Also, improve power efficiency in a natural and unobtrusive way. Your screen brightness will dim and undim when you step away and come back.

This reduces the time window of potential data theft while still being responsive if you just turn away and back again; while also reducing power consumption when needed.

Peeker Detection

Tobii Aware uses subtle visual clues to let users know if someone behind them is looking at their screen. It includes automatic or reaction-based privacy screen blur to protect information on the screen — ideal for situations that require high levels of privacy.

Peeker functionality (also sometimes called “shoulder surfing”) extends your capability to be aware of people beyond your peripheral vision, without letting them know that you’re aware of them. This allows the user to focus on their work with privacy by automatically informing the user or protecting the screen if a peeker is detected.

Additional features

Additional features of Tobii Aware

From digital wellbeing and productivity to streaming and video conferencing, as well as complimenting Windows Hello, Tobii Aware has you covered.

Smart camera and streaming

With work-from-home and hybrid work more viable than ever before, people are spending more and more time in front of video streaming applications. Make sure to inject your camera streaming with intelligence and AI that understands human behavior.

Digital wellbeing and productivity

  • Enable intuitive interactions for your intelligent device.
  • Provide insights and data into screen time and computer usage.
Windows Hello

Complimentary to Microsoft Windows Hello Face Authentication

  • Effortlessly unlock Windows using Microsoft Windows Hello at login/lock screen.

  • Windows Hello provides Enterprise grade biometric security without a password.

  • If the device has Windows Hello, use it together with Tobii Aware for a fluid privacy-based user experience.



Tobii Aware vs. Privacy filters
Tobii AwarePrivacy Filters
Data Protection Actively protects data on screenStatic
Manageability Low cost, easy installation and central managementRequires physical installation, and sourcing correct size for each monitor
Usability Screen is perfectly clear to userReduces screen brightness and acuity
Price LessMore $50-$220USD each
Tobii Aware vs. Windows Hello
Tobii Aware privacyWindows Hello
FocusProtecting data from being viewed by unauthorized people at all times when it is in use. Convenient login for consumers
AuthenticationContinuous authentication of the user – by face recognition, constantly during use One-time face recognition for login only. Anyone could access if the user walks away.
Insider ThreatDiscovers and reports potential eavesdroppers and intruders Does not notice if other people are looking at the user’s screen

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