Tobii Horizon

Deeper gaming immersion

Tobii Horizon uses gearless head tracking to bring another dimension to your customers’ favorite games. An extended view and deeper immersion enable players to explore worlds through the eyes of the character. Integrating Tobii Horizon into your next PC empowers a unique playing experience that makes you the first choice for true gamers.


Gaming with Tobii Horizon

Deeper immersion

Tobii Horizon allows gamers to take control of the camera with subtle head movements, enabling them to explore their favorite games in new and immersive ways. Players experience everything the character does through an extended field of view.

Head in the game

Gamers keep their hands on the controls and their head in the game with Six Degrees of Freedom head tracking. Horizon provides headtracking without headsets and reflectors and is instead powered by the integrated RGB webcam.

The world’s biggest games

Tobii partners with the biggest studios in the world like Ubisoft, Deep Silver, SquareEnix, and more, collaborating to bring deeper immersion to their greatest games. Offering Horizon with your PC gives your customers exciting new ways to enjoy their favorite games such as Far Cry®, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Assassin's Creed®, Star Citizen, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and more.

How Horizon works

Six degrees of freedom

Tobii Horizon uses advanced head tracking technology to translate real-life head movements and provide six degrees of freedom in games.

Yaw: Rotating your head from side to side

Pitch: Rotating your head up and down

Roll: Rolling your head from side to side

X: Horizontal sideways movement

Y: Vertical movement

Z: Zoom

See Tobii Horizon in action

Tobii Horizon


Key benefits

Extended view is the future of gaming, but only Tobii Horizon makes it easy and to bring this new experience to your customers.
We offer:

  • Easy and efficient integration

  • Affordable cost with high-quality

  • Centralized updates delivered through Windows Update

  • Powered through the built-in RGB camera

  • Over 55 supported titles and more to come

  • Continuous marketing and sales support

55 games and counting

Tobii supports upwards of 55 games, with more being added all the time. We work with the biggest studios in the world, helping to bring immersive gaming experiences to more games and even more players.

Various game covers

Why choose Horizon

Why Tobii Horizon?

Tobii Horizon is a cutting-edge software that provides deeper game immersion using only head movements. But that’s not all that sets us apart.

Lenovo 9 series - laptops

Two decades of innovation

We have 20 years of experience working with OEMs, ODMs, and independent software vendors for PC, VR, AR, and custom devices.

Man gaming at a laptop

Gamers at heart

At Tobii, we have a rich history of providing exciting gaming solutions directly to players across the world. By creating for and learning from our global consumer base, we understand what makes gamers tick.

Man at a laptop

Quality and excellence

We design our technology with you in mind. Tobii Horizon is engineered to the highest standards with zero physical footprint, minimal computer load, and low power consumption.

Map of Tobii's Global offices

Global presence

With our HQ in Stockholm and offices across Europe, North America, Taiwan, China, and Japan, we’re ready to work with you wherever you are.


Technical specifications

Requirements System and hardware requirements for Tobii Horizon


Windows 10 21H1 or later and Windows 11 

System Requirements

2.0 GHz, Intel i5 or i7, 8 GB RAM 


Standard RGB or Windows Hello camera systems

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