Tobii IS5XT integration platform
Tobii IS5XT Integration Platform

Transforms lab projects into commercial products

The Tobii IS5XT Integration Platform operates at 250Hz, making it our fastest and most accurate eye tracking integration platform yet. Its high-performance tracking and small form factor make it ideal for designing new products that solve previously unsolvable problems — transforming lab projects into viable commercial products.


High-speed eye tracking integration platform

Tobii IS5XT provides device developers with a platform to build specialized solutions and device interactivity that leverage highly detailed eye movements. It offers the accuracy needed to detect small fixational eye movements such as saccades and microscopic changes in pupil size and gaze position, with each eye tracked individually. As with all Tobii products, the IS5XT’s robust tracking capabilities facilitate use so that a person can sit comfortably in front of your product — no need to remain still or maintain a fixed head position.

Delivers a data stream including:

  • Timestamp
  • Gaze origin — left and right eye - separated and unfiltered
  • Gaze point 2D and 3D — left and right eye separated and unfiltered
  • Pupil diameter — left and right eye separated and unfiltered
  • Eye position

Parts and construction

Parts and construction

Tobii IS5XT components

1. Dark pupil illumination modules - Delivering near-infrared light at 850nm, with dual illuminators to support high image frequency.

2. Dual EyeSensor modules - Tobii designed high-sensitivity high-resolution camera, sensor optimized for 250Hz tracking capabilities. Includes NIR illuminators with dual illuminators.

3. Bright pupil illumination modules - Delivering near-infrared light at 850nm, with dual illuminators to support high image frequency.

4. Tobii EyeChipTM ASIC - Triple-core advanced eye tracking algorithms providing processing and illumination control, minimizing load on host CPU.

System development with IS5XT 

We designed Tobii IS5XT with device developers in mind, to help shift projects out of the lab and into commercialization. This platform enables you to leverage research data gathered through other Tobii products, embed Tobii IS5XT into your prototype, and test — safe in the knowledge you’ll get the same data performance, easing the path to scalable commercialization.

To facilitate the creation of new applications that leverage eye tracking data, the IS5XT platform comes with a Platform Development Kit (PDK). It includes the Tobii Stream Engine API, our cross-platform API common to all our products. The PDK includes a runtime component that handles communication with the IS5XT platform, as well as example code to help kick-start development.

Tobii IS5XT can be easily integrated into:

  • Medical devices

  • Simulators and monitoring equipment

  • Purpose-built devices and equipment

  • 3D-displays

  • Portable solutions


Features that set this platform apart

Tobii IS5XT components
Tobii IS5XT components
Tobii IS5XT components

Designed for building new products that solve previously unsolvable problems  


At 250Hz, the Tobii IS5XT Integration Platform is an unparalleled combination of high-speed eye tracking in a compact form factor. Delivering accurate real-time data, it provides a basis for building new products, products that provide comfort with natural freedom of movement, products that haven’t been feasible until now. 

Because Tobii provides the full spectrum of sampling frequencies, our solutions make it possible to leverage research and overall system architecture to create multiple commercial products. Developing with our cross-platform API makes it possible to build compatible applications for high-end systems, mid-range solutions, as well as portable devices.

How it works

How it works

How eye tracking works illustration

  1. Infrared light generated by the illumination modules creates reflection patterns, known as glints, on the subject’s eyes.

  2. In a predefined sequence, the twin cameras capture dark and bright pupil images that include the glints.

  3. Using machine learning together with image and digital-signal processing Tobii EyeCore™ generates a stream of advanced data points including gaze and pupil diameter separated for each eye.

Combining data about the user’s eye movements, position, and presence enables the development of features and applications for:

  • Assessment and treatment of certain medical conditions

  • Human behavior monitoring

  • Gaze-driven device interaction

  • Resource optimization

  • Training and skills transfer



Fields of use

Doctors performing surgery
Healthcare technology

Healthcare technology

Eye tracking technology empowers quick and early diagnosis of potentially life altering diseases and helps in the long-term treatment of certain disorders and disabilities.

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Woman looking at CT scans
Scientific research

Clinical research

Clinical researchers use eye tracking to explore biomarkers for impaired brain function, enabling new tools for diagnosis, rehabilitation, and treatment.

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