Tobii Eye Tracker 5L

Engineered for innovation

Tobii Eye Tracker 5L is a USB peripheral engineered for innovation. Designed to be mounted on any device, screen, or monitor, this eye tracker delivers real-time data streams including gaze point, eye position, pupil diameter, user presence, and head position. As our fastest peripheral yet, the 5L is perfect for building professional products and applications.


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Key features

USB peripheral

This is a plug-and-play eye tracker that delivers both head and eye tracking. With USB connection, it is easy to integrate and smooth to run.

Tobii 5L eye tracker

Flexible mounting

Tobii Eye Tracker 5L can be mounted on any screen or monitor, including built-in displays on laptops as well as curved monitors.

Tobii Eye Tracker 5

Compact and powerful

Running at 33Hz or 120Hz, this is our smallest and most powerful USB peripheral integration solution yet.

Tobii 5L eye tracker

Accurate biometric data

Tobii Eye Tracker 5L is able to capture microscopic changes in head and eye movements as well as pupil size. This biometric data can be used to create touch-free interfaces, automate tasks, secure information, and even diagnose diseases.

Close up of the human eye

Areas of use

Tobii Eye Tracker 5L in action

Assessment and therapy

Eye tracking enables medical assessment of the world’s most prevalent diseases, vision impairments, and neurodevelopmental disorders. It also supports more impactful therapy techniques and reading assessment processes.

Eye testing

Hands-free interaction

Tobii Eye Tracker 5L is an enabler for touchless interaction allowing you to pan, scroll, and zoom with the eyes. This empowers remote machine operators to maintain workflow and keep hands on vital controls.

Looking at a screen while performing work task

Safety and privacy

Detect operator awareness and leverage it to implement safety and privacy features. Possible features include automatic system shut down if the operator is drowsy or distracted and screen blur when users look or move away.

Man looking away from his computer


Technical specifications

Dimensions285 x 15 x 12mm (11.2 x 0.59 x 0.47 inches)
InterfaceUSB 2.0, 80cm (31 inches) cable 
ProcessorTobii EyeChipTM, fully embedded processing
Illumination850nm (near infrared)
Power consumptionAverage <2.0W 



Fields of use

Woman looking at CT scans
Scientific research

Clinical research

Clinical researchers use eye tracking to explore biomarkers for impaired brain function, enabling new tools for diagnosis, rehabilitation, and treatment.

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Doctors performing surgery
Healthcare technology

Healthcare technology

Eye tracking technology empowers quick and early diagnosis of potentially life altering diseases and helps in the long-term treatment of certain disorders and disabilities.

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Two children reading on a computer screen
Scientific research

Reading and language

Eye tracking has become an established tool to objectively measure human language processing and eye movements in reading.

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