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Tobii Eye Tracker 5L is a USB peripheral designed to be mounted on any device, screen, or monitor. The 5L delivers real-time data streams, at up to 120 Hz sampling rate, perfect for building professional products and applications.

What you can do with it

What you can do with Tobii Eye Tracker 5L

Digital health assessment and screening

Certain eye movements can be digital biomarkers to indicate health conditions such as traumatic brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. By tracking these subtle movements, detecting, and treating certain conditions early on is possible. The method is non-invasive for the patient and helps eliminate observation biases for the practitioner, leading to better outcomes.

Digital screening assessment

Digital therapeutics and treatment

We provide eye tracking solutions that pave the way for groundbreaking treatment and therapy methods. We have partnered with technological innovators to leverage eye tracking into powerful treatments, for example our collaboration with NovaSight has enabled a quick and effective therapy for Lazy Eye in children, using non-invasive glasses and their favorite Netflix shows!

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Intuitive workstations

Eye tracking enables machines and devices to understand the operator's attention and intent, creating the next generation of human-computer interaction technology. For example, touchless control, where people can abandon mice or joysticks and use their eyes to pan, scroll, and zoom. Empowering remote machine operators to maintain workflow and keep their hands on vital controls for safety and more efficient work.

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Other ideas?

Our integration products are designed for building new products that solve previously unsolvable problems. Our solutions make it possible to leverage research and overall system architecture to create multiple commercial products. What could you do with a Tobii Eye Tracker 5L?



Tobii Eye Tracker 5L features

  • USB peripheral

  • Up to 120Hz sampling rate

  • Dual monitor support

  • Windows Hello

  • Gaze point

  • Binocular gaze

  • Presence detection

  • Pupil diameter

How it works

How it works

Based on the Tobii IS5 platform, the 5L is designed to work for the widest possible population range, for all kinds of working environments, and on a variety of machines and devices.

The 5L uses the Tobii EyeChip™ minimizing the load on the system CPU. Three illuminators allow the 5L to support displays up to 27" and can also be synchronized with another Tobii Eye Tracker 5L to track two displays side by side without interference. The 5L has two sampling rates outputting data at 120Hz or 33Hz.

With a USB connection, it is smooth to integrate and easy to run. Tobii Eye Tracker 5L can be mounted on any screen or monitor, including built-in displays on laptops and curved monitors. It can also be hidden inside your device – allowing you to make a device without needing customized integration of IS5 components.

Customer testimonials

  • The eyes as windows into your cognitive health: We use eye tracking from Tobii for objective and accurate detection of ADHD in children and adults. Braingaze uses a scientifically proven and clinically validated biomarker captured with the Tobii 5L eye tracker for optimal performance.

    Laszlo Bax

    Co-founder, BrainGaze

    Braingaze logo
  • Tobii’s eye trackers just work! It’s pretty amazing, we just ship it in the post, the school plugs it in, and it works.

    Martin Sjöstrand

    CEO, Lexplore

    Lexplore logo



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