Lens casting

Lens casting for next-gen XR devices and eyewear

Tobii Lens Technology is a cold lens-casting manufacturing solution for producing high-grade lightweight lenses required by next-gen XR devices and eyewear, such as prescription glasses.


Designed for scalability, our solution supports the production of prescription lenses and embedding of sensitive optical components and electronics. We offer design, testing, and training services, as well as supply manufacturing machines and casting materials.

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Tobii Lens Technology overcomes many challenges related to eyewear design and lens manufacture presented by next-gen devices and eyewear such as prescription glasses, protective gear, and sunglasses. Casting, for example, overcomes the degradation that often occurs when laminating components on curved surfaces.

Tobii Lens Technology production process

Using a UV curable monomer ensures that our approach is a secure way of embedding sensitive components and results in thin, lightweight lenses with precision optics, low birefringence, and ingress protection that meet headset requirements for comfort and aesthetics. Our solution aligns with manufacturing requirements for affordability, scalability, and efficiency of mass production.

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Why choose Tobii

Why choose Tobii Lens Technology?

Because it enables you to:

  • Embed optical components and electronics in a single lens, streamlining designs by removing the need for a dedicated laminating surface and reducing frame size.

  • Seal embedded components hermetically with high ingression protection, enabling IP68 rating or above for your product.

  • Produce lightweight prescription lenses with strong optical performance.

  • Design thin devices and wearable products.

  • Mass produce lenses in an efficient, scalable, affordable, and sustainable way.

  • Prototype, develop, and mass produce designs through our engineering and development services.

  • Leverage over two decades of lens-casting and optical-design experience of our team.

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What Tobii offers

What Tobii offers

Tobii offers lens casting R & D services, prototype manufacturing, and the design and supply of automated mass-market manufacturing lens casting machines​​. We also design, validate, train and support the manufacturing process​​, supply lens casting monomer materials​​ and provide licenses to necessary IPs​​.

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Use cases

Use cases

  • Pancake optics — single-cast thin, lightweight, and durable lens with high optical quality, very low birefringence, and high transmission.

  • Embed components — protecting sensitive electronics and reducing physical space requirements in frames, promoting consumer use with AR designs suitable for wearing in public.

  • Embed films — such as electrochromic films for light-adaptive glasses and automatic/manual adjustment of AR/MR transparency, and heat films for anti-fog functionality.

  • Free space combiner — making it possible to embed holographic optical elements (HOEs) for info displays in smart glasses. Supports prescription lenses with sleek design for all-day wear.

  • Waveguide casting — thin cast lightweight polymer waveguides with in- and out-coupling optics. Total thickness variation < 2 μm.

  • Embed waveguides — glass or polymer in prescription glasses for sight correction and focus adjustment in XR devices.

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