Surgical robotics

Surgical robotics

Eye tracking enhances surgical robotics

Eye tracking provides a way to leverage a person’s attention to create gaze-control features that allow surgeons to operate equipment at speed, lower communication needs, and lower the load on their hands.

The uses of surgical robotics

Surgical robotics is a prime example of how the developments made in medical technology have enabled digital transformation and improved care. By performing very small incisions with highly-accurate maneuvers, remote-controlled surgical robots have brought about a range of minimally-invasive procedures that promote speedy recovery — which is good for patients, good for hospitals and clinics, and good for everyone else waiting in line.

Tobii’s sensor technology decodes human attention by transforming head-and-eye biometrics and movements into real-time data streams.

Its small form factor allows it to be embedded into the surgical workstation and the data it generates can be used to:

  • Enhanced remote collaboration

  • Simplify surgical workflows

  • Reduce touch points

  • Ease skills transfer

  • Create safety and wellness features

Enhance remote collaboration

For surgical procedures, these platforms deliver video streams from OR-equipment — such as surgical cameras and endoscopes — to remote collaborators. Experts, whether they are thousands of miles away or in the next room, can follow the procedure, control devices, and communicate with OR-staff. In addition to providing access to surgical expertise, these communication systems support infection control because they reduce the number of people that need to be present in the OR.


Simplify surgical workflows

During an operation, surgeons rely heavily on their hands. Even when assisted by robots and seated at an ergonomically designed workstation, the load on a surgeon’s hands remains high. By embedding eye tracking into the surgical workstation, you can alleviate some of that load.

Surgical robotics hand held

Reduce touch points

The form factor of Tobii’s eye tracking technology lends itself to most devices and screens, making it possible to embed it into existing system designs.

Because it can be embedded, eye tracking creates a new input modality, without adding more equipment — such as a dial, switch, or specialized hand-operated controller.

IS5 Platform components

Ease skills transfer

Eye tracking can greatly enhance live training because it provides insight into the surgeon’s actions. By highlighting what the surgeon pays attention to, the eye tracking bubble helps students to follow what’s going on and learn how skilled physicians rely on their experience during a procedure.

Surgical procedure

Create safety and wellness features

Maintaining the safety and wellness of patients and staff is a critical goal of every healthcare service. Eye tracking makes it possible to add new safety and wellness features in surgical robotics.

Surgical robotics

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