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Why choose Tobii

To help build a world where technology works in harmony with people.

We bring you two decades of solution innovation

Our sensor technology decodes human attention by transforming head and eye movements and user characteristics into real-time data streams. You can use these insights to enable devices to do smart things like raise the intuitiveness of the interface, automate tasks, and build new applications that have a profound impact on the quality of human life.


We have built our technology on the principles of:

  • Inclusiveness to deliver data for the widest possible range of the global population

  • Diversification to ensure application to a broad spectrum of use cases

  • Robustness to function in all environments, including low and bright light situations

  • Standards to maximize ease of integration

  • Form factor variety to fit all devices from wearables and headsets, tablets and laptops, to large purpose-built systems and devices.

  • Large-scale volume designs to ensure repeatability in production.

Commercial partnerships

We collaborate with diverse partners and industries, including large-scale manufacturers and highly regulated sectors such as healthcare and medical.

We work closely with major chipset makers, universities, independent software vendors, and consumer electronics manufacturers — where volume production is critical. We work with niche players in the gaming industry, startups, and innovators in medical technology — where highly-granular data is called for. Our collaborations encompass hardware integration as well as professional services for application development — and everything in between — so that we continuously push the boundaries of our solutions in all directions.

Tobii Commercial partnerships

Technology leadership

For the past two decades, we have built competence in the field of vision science, particularly in the way the eye behaves, its anatomy, and geometry — leveraging that know-how in our algorithms.

Today, we own a world-leading eye tracking patent portfolio and eye-image database, leveraging advanced sensor processing and machine learning to decode human attention. We have honed our unique competence in camera solutions to deliver custom-built sensors that are optimal for accurate head and eye tracking. And with performance in mind, we designed the Tobii EyeChip™ to perform all digital-signal and image processing locally — a unique approach that supports computational offloading as well as lean data transport and advanced power schemes. Our technology leadership has led to the establishment of eye tracking as a control and input mechanism for consumer electronic devices and one of the most sought-after capabilities in, for example, VR headsets.

CPU circuit board

Broad portfolio

We offer commercial peripherals, PCBs for device and headset integration, customized solutions, wearables, assistive devices, and research units — all developed on the same technological platform that delivers accurate real-time data for the widest range of people and conditions. Our broad portfolio delivers the desired performance levels and form factors for each use case.

Tobii Patent portfolio

Data transparency

Sensor-generated biometric data can reveal a lot about a person — their reactions to stimuli or how they are feeling, it can even help diagnose certain medical conditions.

To uphold the privacy and integrity of our users, our hardware technology uses real-time image processing to calculate just the necessary data points, which are streamed directly to the client application. Furthermore, we require applications that leverage our technology to inform users if their data is stored or if it is transferred to another system. By ensuring the transparent handling of eye tracking data, we uphold user privacy and integrity.

Image showing a women with facial recognition

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The Tobii Story

Take a look at our story from the beginning, the milestones we have passed, our people, our technology, and the change we enable.

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