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Learn to operate your eye tracking system

Interactive online sessions, onsite training, and our e-learning platform will help you operate your eye tracking system. You will gain a practical knowledge of the hardware, the software, and how to use the system. Access an expert to give hands on support when you need it.

Getting started

Getting started

During our training courses, you will gain a basic understanding of how eye tracking works. In addition, our experts will teach you how to design, record, and analyze experiments with our hardware and software. Prior to your training date, the instructor will contact you to assess your needs and prepare the curriculum for you.

By the end of the training session, you should have:

  • the knowledge needed to set up your system
  • a general understanding of how to operate the system
  • a general understanding of how to collect quality eye tracking data
  • an overview of the major software features applicable to your field of research

Our programs

Our programs

Tobii Academy

Tobii Academy is your go-to e-learning platform and knowledge hub for all things eye tracking. Designed to cater to your learning needs, Tobii Academy offers a variety of courses accessible through Tobii Connect. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced user looking for deeper insights, our e-learning courses are tailored to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of our products and their capabilities. Tobii Academy is your gateway to continuous learning, providing a seamless experience for expanding your expertise. The best part? Tobii Academy is free for all Tobii professional customers. All you need is a Tobii Connect account to dive into the world of eye tracking education.

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Tobii Getting Started Program

The Tobii Getting Started Program provides an introduction to eye tracking technology. You will receive guidance from a Tobii Research Scientist to introduce you to eye tracking technology, and our Customer Care Team ensures a smooth installation of your products and solutions. Tobii Academy's Foundations course covers the basics of eye tracking, and with Access an Expert, you'll receive two two-hour sessions with your Research Scientist to get expert support in study design and analysis strategies for optimal eye tracking research outcomes.

2hour online course

Tobii Comprehensive Training

The Comprehensive Training (1 day onsite) is designed to cover all the essential of eye tracking technology and the operation of Tobii products and solutions. Led by a Tobii Research Scientist, the program provides tailored guidance and best practices for successful study design, data collection, and analysis. Our Tobii Customer Care Team will ensure a seamless installation of your products and solutions. During the onsite training, you will receive technical instruction on eye tracking research and participate in hands-on sessions to apply the knowledge gained. A follow-up call is also included for further refinement of your skills and to address any questions.

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Tobii Refresher Course

The 4-hour online Tobii Refresher Course is designed to update your knowledge on the latest Tobii features and enhance your eye tracking skills. Led by a Tobii Research Scientist, you will receive hands-on guidance on using Tobii products and solutions. A follow-up call is also included for further refinement of your skills and to address any questions.

Tobii online training course

Access an expert

Contact one of our research scientists to validate your study design or data analysis. This is charged on an hourly basis for a topic you need help with to make sure you set up and conduct your study in the best way.

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