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Psychology and neuroscience

Eye movements are powerful indicators of the intricacies of the human mind. Eye tracking offers insights into cognitive functions and emotional states while providing cues to the neural mechanisms underlying these processes.

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  • Our study participants are people with Autism Spectrum disorders or Schizophrenia where having an eye tracking system that is unobtrusive and allows for head movement is imperative. The dual eye tracking cameras, sampling rate and discreet design with Tobii Pro Fusion will open up the possibilities for more extensive research on our demographic.

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  • Tobii Pro Spectrum is the best device in the market for our research. We want the equipment to have high resolution but also to be relatively simple to use. Tobii Pro Spectrum is very flexible to multiple settings and can be used for different purposes.

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    Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics and Director of the Human Behavior Laboratory, Texas A&M AgriLife, Texas A&M University

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Cognitive psychology

Cognitive psychology

Eye movements are closely linked to cognitive processes such as memory, decision-making, and associative learning. Cognitive scientists combine eye tracking with behavioral paradigms to isolate the cognitive functions of interest, allowing data collection with high ecological validity and temporal precision of a response.

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Use cases

Discover how Tobii eye trackers are used in cognitive psychology. 

Social psychology

Social psychology

Eye tracking is a valuable tool in social psychology studies, providing insights into how people visually process and respond to social stimuli. Recording eye movements in various social scenarios helps researchers uncover the mechanisms related to prosociality, empathy, or social decision-making.

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Use cases

Discover how Tobii eye trackers are used in social psychology.  



The parts of the brain that control our eye movements are highly interconnected with the networks responsible for our actions and thought processes. Eye tracking is used in neuroscience research to gain insights into the underlying neural mechanisms of human behavior and cognition.

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Use cases

Discover how Tobii eye trackers are used in neuroscience. 

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Did you know that over 12,000 scientific publications feature Tobii eye tracking technology? Discover the latest trends in eye tracking for Psychology and neuroscience by exploring our scientific publication library.

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