Quick and easy eye tracking - Tobii Pro Nano
Tobii Pro Nano

Small, lightweight, and easy-to-use

Tobii Pro Nano is our smallest, most lightweight research-grade eye tracker, featuring the latest technology from Tobii. It's ideal for those who are new to eye tracking research, or for researchers wanting to take their studies outside the lab environment.


Designed for research in the field

The easy-to-use system lets you conduct quality eye tracking studies with minimal effort and investment. Run tests across a range of areas such as psychology or marketing research to gain valuable insights.

Tobii Pro Nano is designed to use with smaller screens, providing a compact, fully-portable research solution. Present your stimuli on a Windows or a Mac laptop for data collection in authentic research environments. Bring your portable lab to your participants.



Track almost anyone with quality data 

The system's high accuracy and proven vast tracking capabilities in many conditions offers a reliable solution for large population field tests and teaching contexts.

  • Sampling rate of 60 Hz designed for fixation-based research

  • Offers fully embedded processing of eye tracking data

  • Connects via a USB port directly to your computer

  • Calibrates participants quickly

  • Demonstrates robust tracking regardless of ethnicity or age

  • Tolerance for head movements and varied lighting conditions

  • Minimal data loss during blinks or when participants look away

  • Pupil data is captured at the same sampling rate as the gaze data

Teach students how to use eye tracking

Packages are available for equipping universities with portable eye tracking solutions to teach students how to use the technology in different fields. Our experts can help develop curriculums that demonstrate how it can be integrated as a tool to answer research questions and enhance commercial endeavors.

Tobii Pro Nano - teaching in a classroom

Versatile with other research tools

By integrating the Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit, Tobii Pro Lab supports combining eye tracking and GSR data, throughout the entire workflow. The ability to send TTL signals on stimulus onset from
Tobii Pro Lab allows precise synchronization of gaze information with data from other sources such as EEG or ECG.

Tobii Pro Nano Analysis of data


Technical specifications

For definitions of the terms used in the tables below, see the Glossary on Tobii Connect.

For more information about output data and the supplementary data stream, please read the Tobii Pro SDK documentation.

The characteristics of the gaze data from an eye tracker are described in terms of accuracy and precision. For more details, take the Accuracy and precision course in Tobii Academy.

Eye tracking technique

Video-based pupil- and corneal reflection eye tracking with dark and bright pupil illumination modes. 
One camera captures images of both eyes for accurate measurement of eye gaze and eye position in 3D space, as well as pupil diameter. 

Eye tracking mode

N/A (default)

Sampling frequency

60 Hz


0.10° RMS in optimal conditions (using built-in filtering)


0.3° in optimal conditions

Binocular eye tracking


User callibration


Eye tracker latency

1 frame (immediate)

Blink recovery time

1 frame (immediate)

Gaze recovery time

250 ms 

Data sample output

Timestamp, Gaze origin, Gaze point, Pupil diameter

Eye openness data stream

Not available

Eye image data stream

Not available 

TTL input stream

Not available

Tracker and client time synchronization

Integrated between the eye tracker time domain and the client computer time domain.

¹Tobii uses an extensive test method to measure and report performance and quality of data. Please download the test report for more detailed information.

Head movement tolerance

One-camera system, gives an accurate calculation of the data and a good level of precision. More sensitive for head movement than the dual camera systems. 

Operating distance (mounted on screen)

45 cm to 85 cm (18'' to 33'') from the eye tracker

Freedom of head movement (width x height)

Freedom of head movement at 65cm distance 35 cm x 30 cm (13.78" x 11.81")

Freedom of head movement at 80cm distance 45 cm x 45 cm (17.7" x 17.7")

Optimal screen size

Up to 24" For large screens, the limiting parameter is the quality of the gaze accuracy at the upper corners of the screen when the user sits close to the screen.

Recommended monitor


Tracker setup options

Eye tracker mounted on a tripod, allows for even larger screens or physical objects to be tracked.

The Mobile Testing Accessory enables research or usability tests on a mobile device.

Participant setup

Very simple and easy. Typically, less than 1 minute.

Software and framework compatibility

Tobii Pro Lab 
Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager 
Tobii Pro SDK 
Any application built on the Tobii Pro SDK

Operating system

Windows, macOS

Hardware versions

60 Hz

Dimensions (L × H × W)

17 cm x 1.8 cm x 1.3 cm (6.69" × 0.71" × 0.51") 


59 g (2.1 oz.) 


USB Type-A (2.0)

Data processing

1 Tobii EyeChip™ with fully embedded data processing

Eye tracking cameras



Dark pupil illumination modules
Bright pupil illumination modules 

Power consumption

Typical power consumption: <1.5 W 
Max. rated power consumption: 6 W 

Power options

Directly via USB 2.0 Type A


Relevant publications — Tobii Pro Nano

Assessment of changes in gaze patterns during training in point-of-care ultrasound

Using Tobii Pro Nano, Chan and colleagues (2022) measured the incremental learning after an ultrasound course. Two groups of first-year medicine residents interpreted ultrasound videos while their eye movements were recorded. After the first assessment, only the intervention group completed an introductory ultrasound course.

Maternal postpartum depression impacts infants’ joint attention differentially across cultures

Astor and colleagues (2022) assessed whether the negative association between maternal postpartum depression and infant development of joint attention is the same across western and non-western cultures. Researchers used Tobii Pro Nano to record the eye movements of Bhutanese infants and compared them to Swedish infants performing the same task.

How does wearing a facecover influence the eye movement pattern in times of COVID-19?

Frank and colleagues (2021) studied the effect on visual behavior when looking at someone wearing a face mask and how that affects the identification of facial features. Tobii Pro Nano was used to record eye movements. The results revealed that the sequence of focusing on facial regions — mouth, nose, and eyes — was not altered by the presence of a face mask.



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Fields of use


Family grocery shopping

Consumer research and user experience

With eye tracking, you can visualize the impact of your shopper journey, packaging design, advertising, or user experience, empowering you to attract more customers.

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Girl doing online schooling

Learning and education

Eye tracking data help researchers develop diagnostic tools and instruction material for innovative learning.

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Person looking at advertising

Advertising research

Eye tracking reveals the true performance of your advertising material by showing you exactly how consumers view it and what elements are most effective.

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Tobii Pro Spectrum

Psychology and neuroscience

Making the connection between eye movements, cognitive processes, and reactions to expand scientific knowledge of human behavior.

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