IS5 Platform components
Tobii IS5 Integration Platform

Compact eye tracking and biometrics

Our 7th generation eye tracker platform, Tobii IS5 Integration Platform, is a compact and power-efficient eye tracking solution. Designed to integrate seamlessly with consumer devices and purpose-built equipment, it is a catalyst for the development of new, leading-edge applications, while delivering an innovative eye tracking experience for professionals and consumers alike.


Advanced eye tracking and biometric platform

Unique to Tobii IS5, are its modular design and infrared light illumination technology, which operates on a wavelength that is invisible to the human eye. These design characteristics allow for easy and discreet integration into most applications with minimal impact on industrial design.

Tobii IS5

Parts and construction

Parts and construction

1. Tobii EyeCore
Highly powerful eye tracking algorithm core.

2. Tobii EyeChip™ ASIC
Fully embedded EyeCore providing algorithm processing and illumination control, enabling the system to work autonomously, minimizing load on system CPU.

3. EyeSensor Module
Custom Tobii-designed high-sensitivity high-resolution camera, sensor optimized for eye tracking and biometrics. Includes NIR illuminators.

4. Illumination Module
Illuminator for NIR light, featuring a low-profile lens for easy integration, high efficiency, and low power consumption.

5. Host Interfaced Module
The central unit of the system, controlling and providing interfaces to the EyeSensor and Illumination Modules. Features a USB for standardized integration with target systems.

Tobii IS5 components

The basics

  1. Infrared light generated by the Illumination Module creates reflection patterns on the user’s eyes.

  2. Sensors detect eye movements, enabling gaze to be determined from analysis of the reflection patterns in combination with additional data measured from the user’s face and eyes.

  3. Combining data about the user’s gaze, position, and presence enables:

  • Powerful human-machine interaction

  • Resource optimization

  • Training and skills transfer

  • Assessment and treatment of medical conditions and human behaviors

Tobii - How eye tracking works


For machines and devices

Tobii IS5 can be easily integrated into:

  • Personal computers, such as laptops, ultrabooks, and notebooks

  • Desktop monitors

  • PC peripherals

  • Medical devices

  • Simulators and monitoring equipment

  • Bespoke, purpose-built, devices and equipment

Tobii Integrations

Calculating gaze point, eye position, head pose, and biometric data, Tobii IS5 delivers robust, accurate eye tracking for integration with consumer and bespoke equipment with support for application development.

Our custom sensors provide the optimal camera for eye tracking. The unique Tobii EyeChip™ houses the calculation algorithms and control for theTobii IS5 module, delivering just the data to an application, avoiding additional load on the host CPU and enabling advanced power schemes.

To provide the data, the platform includes the Tobii Stream Engine service, delivering:

  • streamed eye tracking
  • configuration, as well as calibration data.

In addition, the platform includes our SDK so that you can kick off your development process and build the applications you need to grow your business.

Tracks anyone, anywhere

Designed for inclusion Tobii’s advanced eye tracking caters for a wider range of human characteristics than any other solution available. It functions irrespective of pupil size, people who use glasses or contact lenses, the presence of dirt, makeup, or smudges.

Designed for all conditions the platform can track a user’s gaze direction across a wider variety of conditions than any other platform available. It caters for varying user positions and lighting conditions.

Designed for consistent accuracy the platform maintains consistent data accuracy for the wide range of human characteristics and environmental conditions – better than any other available solution. It is proven to work for practically anyone.

Footprint, performance, and size

Tobii IS5 Eye Tracking Module is uniquely designed to deliver optimal performance, offering a power-efficient eye tracking solution — that’s both competitively priced and easy to integrate.

To maximize freedom of placement, Tobii IS5 has been designed in a modular way. Delivered as three separate components, it can adapt to fit your designs. The Tobii IS5 compact size, low CPU and bus load makes it ideal for integration into consumer devices.

Tobii Eye Chip

Tobii EyeChip™

The Tobii IS5 platform includes the first ever SoC ASIC developed specifically for eye tracking.

So much more than eye tracking

Tobii IS5 is engineered as a multimodality platform, bringing superior eye tracking functionality as well as biometric performance data to machines and applications. The platform and Tobii EyeSensors deliver images of the face ensuring robust multimodal performance and biometric data.

In addition to eye tracking, Tobii IS5 provides a platform for:

  • Head position

  • Head tracking

  • Presence

Eye tracking can be combined with these modalities together with other input control devices such as a keyboard, touchpad, or voice to provide the user with the most natural and intuitive way to interact with machines and applications.



Field of use


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From improving the education of children to analyzing reading, attention computing empowers tech companies to create devices and software that understand students in a deeper way.

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Healthcare technology

Eye tracking technology empowers quick and early diagnosis of potentially life altering diseases and helps in the long-term treatment of certain disorders and disabilities.

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Our attention computing technology enables newly available actions in a range of games, providing an improved and immersive gaming experience.

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