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Tobii IS5 Integration Platform

Compact eye tracking solution

Tobii IS5 Integration Platform is a compact and power-efficient eye tracking solution. Designed to integrate seamlessly into screen-based devices, it is a catalyst for developing new, leading-edge applications while delivering an innovative eye tracking experience for professionals and consumers alike.

What you can do with it

What you can do with Tobii IS5 Integration Platform

Digital healthcare solutions for detecting and treating health conditions

The IS5 enables the creation of innovative digital healthcare solutions to detect and assess the world’s most prevalent brain and vision diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, neurological conditions, and more. Subtle eye movements captured by the eye tracker may serve as a biomarker or predictor, allowing healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients objectively and often earlier than conventional methods.

Eye testing

Intuitive medical devices

Remote-controlled surgical robots allow surgeons to conduct small incisions with highly accurate maneuvers, making possible minimally invasive procedures and promoting speedy recovery. Eye tracking technology enhances these awesome machines by decoding the surgeon’s attention and transforming head-and-eye biometrics and movements into real-time data streams. This data helps create simpler surgical workflows with fewer touchpoints, adds a range of safety features, and can improve remote collaboration and training.

Surgical robotics

Efficient workstations

Today’s workstations rely on keyboards, joysticks or mice, and touchscreens to communicate with computers and machines. Attention computing, driven by the Tobii IS5 Integration Platform, removes the barriers between people and technology by enabling machines and devices to understand attention and intent. This technology permits the next generation of human-computer interaction, such as touchless control, allowing people to pan, scroll, and zoom with their eyes. Empowering machine operators to maintain workflow and keep their hands on vital controls for safety and efficiency.

Looking at a screen while performing work task

Other ideas?

Our integration products are designed for building new products that solve previously unsolvable problems. Our solutions make it possible to leverage research and overall system architecture to create multiple commercial products. How could the Tobii IS5 Integration Platform help you?



Tobii IS5 Integration Platform features

  • Compact integration

  • Up to 120Hz sampling rate

  • Low latency

  • CPU offload

  • Gaze point

  • Binocular gaze

  • Presence detection

  • Pupil diameter

How it works

How it works

Optimal performance and freedom

Tobii IS5 Integration Platform is an eye tracking module uniquely designed to deliver optimal performance, offering a power-efficient eye tracking solution — that’s both competitively priced and easy to integrate.

To maximize freedom of placement, Tobii IS5 has been designed in a modular way. Delivered as three separate components, it can adapt to fit your designs. The Tobii IS5 compact size, low CPU and bus load makes it ideal for integration into consumer devices.

Custom sensors

Our custom sensors provide the optimal camera for eye tracking. The unique Tobii EyeChip™ ASIC houses the calculation algorithms and control for the Tobii IS5 module, delivering just the data to an application, avoiding additional load on the host CPU and enabling advanced power schemes.

Designed for inclusion

To live up to our mission of providing eye tracking for everyone, everywhere we have built the IS5 Integration Platform to work for the widest possible population range, for all kinds of working environments, and on a variety of machines and devices — including laptops, tablets, and other screen-based solutions.

Customer testimonials

  • This solution requires efficient and accurate eye tracking technology for which we found Tobii to be the natural partner as the global leader in eye tracking technology. The Tobii powerful eye tracking algorithms paved the way for the commercial success of our product.

    Ran Yam

    CEO, Novasight

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Tobii IS5 integration platform
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