XR integrations

Boosting headsets with a hidden power

Eye tracking has rapidly become a widely-adopted technology in XR. It enhances the user experience by complementing existing interfaces and provides innovative and intuitive input modalities.

A reliable integration partner

To live up to our mission of improving the world with technology that understands human attention and intent, we have built our eye tracking solutions to work for the widest possible population range, in all kinds of working environments, and for a variety of XR headsets — including AR, VR, MR, and custom-built devices.

  1. Interoperability ensures that our technology is compatible with many engines, processing platforms, optical designs, and form factors.

  2. Technology developed on the principles of a shared technology stack, leading to a highly competitive IP inventory.

  3. Robust data that is accurate and precise for the largest possible population.

  4. Two decades of expertise and extensive integration experience with major commercial VR headsets.

Tobii Pico Neo 3

For developers

Developers also benefit because they can deliver eye tracking enabled features and gather feedback and analytics. When it comes to performance, our technology is fundamental to foveation-based display enhancement, optimizing the rendering pipeline and GPU performance.

Woman looking at a developer screen - Tobii XR

A flexible and optimized integration platform

Form-factor optimized

Standard components and Tobii optimized placement ensure a product fit for mass production in your headset design.​

Integration streamlined

Our latest platform requires only a few simple components which can be integrated without invasive changes to the overall design of the headsets

Resource efficient

Our eye tracking algorithms and component drivers are optimized for low latency and minimal power consumption to optimize resource usage.

Hardware developer kit

Our ready-to-use eye tracking module includes pre-calibrated hardware components for rapid prototyping and proof-of-concept research. Designed for easy mounting on XR prototype models and near-eye displays, our hardware dev kit should readily fit your mechanics and is suitable for 3D printed parts. The solution delivers eye sensing signals to help you evaluate eye tracking without formal integration. We aim to help you accelerate the decision-making process on integrating eye tracking and minimize cost through rapid validation.

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