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Eye tracking is a catalyst technology for XR and XR headsets — delivering value to the broad set of stakeholders within the ecosystem.


Enhanced devices

Tobii VR headsets - partners

Unleash full computing power with gaze-based dynamic foveation and optimize performance with dynamic distortion compensation technology. Gain realism with consistent graphical clarity and fidelity across the entire field of view — performance and comfort for extended use.

  • Sense of realism.

  • Graphical clarity.

  • Fidelity across FoV.

  • High and stable frame-rate.

  • Comfort for extended use.

  • Smooth rendering.

Immersive experiences

Deepen immersion, with real-time non-verbal communication like emotional expressions and eye contact. Help reduce strain and improve comfort. Combine intuitive interaction and attentive UI, to deliver unparalleled object control and visual feedback — superpowered users.

  • Real-time life-like emotions.

  • Sense of presence and togetherness.

  • Social awareness.

  • Intuitive interaction.

  • Attentive UI.

  • Enable superpowers.

Tobii VR headset

Actionable insights


Ideal for understanding behavior, delivering accurate insights about a person's attention, intent, and how they react to events. Limitless applications to enable discovery and solution development in domains such as healthcare, training, simulation, MedTech, EdTech, and scientific research.

  • Deep understanding of user behavior.

  • Adaptive training and simulation.

  • Window to cognitive processes.

  • Biometric-enabled applications.

  • Health assessment.

  • Therapeutics.

How it works

How eye tracking works in XR

In an XR headset, eye tracking components typically include cameras and light sources placed in a ring-like structure between the user and the display. The core machine-learning algorithms interpret the camera feed to generate a real-time stream of data points such as pupil size, gaze vector, and eye openness. This information can be used, for example, to determine how well a person can follow a stimulus, how they react to a scene, and their intent.

Tobii XR - how eye tracking works


The latest headsets that include Tobii technology

Pimax Crystal XR Headset

Pimax Crystal



Tobii XR headsets - Pico

Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye

HTC VIVE Pro Eye full kit

HTC Vive Pro Eye


Tech and media reviews

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"Tobii showed us eye tracking inside a VR HMD that was as perfect an implementation as we’ve seen. That, coupled with the company’s unique position in the current market, places Tobii in a prime position for the market’s future."

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"Trying Tobii’s technology for just 30 minutes has already ruined me for every VR headset without it. I’d call that a success."

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"I left the [Tobii] demo convinced that once you’ve tried a VR headset with eye-tracking included you’ll never want to wear one without it again."

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"You can select dialog choices with characters by simply looking at an option and hitting a face button instead of swiping around with an analog wheel. It’s so seamless that I almost forgot I was doing it sometimes — and I never want to go back."

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"... the fleeting glance was so crucial to making me feel like I was really there, really being given the stink eye by a character, that I couldn't help but lose myself in the moment.... It's the kind of immersion I haven't gotten from VR in a while."

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"Foveated rendering on PS VR2 can bring a massive reduction in GPU usage while producing the same perceptual quality – and, combined with eye tracking technology, the performance gains are even better...We’ve also seen gains up to 3.6x faster when foveated rendering is combined with eye tracking."

News and articles

Tobii Mission/Vison

Tobii selected by Sony Interactive Entertainment to be the eye tracking technology provider for PlayStation VR2


Tobii is pleased to announce its innovative eye tracking technology will be featured in the upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset.

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Eye tracking integration in virtual reality headsets

Tobii joins Metaverse Standards Forum as Principal Member


Tobii announced today its membership in the Metaverse Standards Forum. The new organization aims to encourage and enable the timely development of open interoperability standards essential to an open and inclusive metaverse.

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XR, virtual reality image of sunset on horizon

Eye tracking in XR — the 2022 wrap-up and innovations on the horizon


Tobii's acting head of XR, Emma Bauer, takes a look back at XR in 2022, talking about some of the things Tobii has been working on and what innovations she expects to see in 2023.

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