Tobii Pro Lab and screen-based eye trackers
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Screen-based eye tracking studies

Tobii Pro Lab makes it simple for beginners to get started with screen-based eye tracking and offers a large degree of flexibility as you grow your research ambitions. 

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  • We have had a great experience using Tobii Pro Fusion and Tobii Pro Lab. It is easy to extract the numerical results from the Tobii Pro Lab software. We have even created a custom software program to upload the Tobii Pro Lab databases and calculate the optometric parameters needed in every optometric test we performed.

    Dr. Ana Sanchez-Cano and Dr. Elvira Orduna-Hospital

    Research scientists, UNIVERSITY OF ZARAGOZA, Spain

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  • Our study participants are people with Autism Spectrum disorders or Schizophrenia where having an eye tracking system that is unobtrusive and allows for head movement is imperative. The dual eye tracking cameras, sampling rate and discreet design with Tobii Pro Fusion will open up the possibilities for more extensive research on our demographic.

    Dr. J. Adam Noah


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  • Eye tracking technology can provide real-time workflow videos overlaid with eye-movement data and using this resource to analyze experts' visual attention distribution, hand-eye coordination, and workflow enables researchers to extract key operational steps and attention details to optimize the training process.

    Jingxi Chen


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  • Eye tracking is an easy way to assess the patients, especially regarding their cognitive status, as a complementary measurement. It has the advantage of being less dependent on factors like stress and educational level.

    Dr. Panagiota Tsitsi, Ph.D


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Versatile experimental setups in one software

Tobii Pro Lab offers four project types tailor-made for your screen-based eye tracking experiments:

Screen – beginner-friendly experiment designs set up.

Advanced Screen – for advanced experimental designs.

External presenter – integration of third-party presentation software

Scene Camera – enables video feed from an external camera as a stimulus

Each project type has a specific set of modules providing various functions to ease your experiment flow. These modules include Design, Record, and Analyze.

Four ways to build your study in Tobii Pro Lab

Tobii Pro Lab project types

Screen project 

The Screen project is for eye tracking studies on a computer screen. It has an intuitive interface and allows you to control the flow of your experiment with ease. You can group and randomize stimuli in various formats, such as videos, images, web pages, and text or record the whole screen. You can edit stimulus presentation settings like display position, background color, presentation time, and stimulus advancement methods. Available modules are Design, Record, and Analyze.    

Tobii Pro Lab project types

Advanced Screen project 

The Advanced Screen project type allows you to create screen-based eye tracking studies using more complex stimuli such as multiple images or image/audio combinations. Templates indicate where stimuli should appear and when audio should be played. The attributes of your stimuli, such as presentation location and time, are stored in a table, which is then imported to Tobii Pro Lab. This gives you much flexibility when designing your experiment and makes it easy to change trials. Available modules are Design, Record, and Analyze.  

Tobii Pro Lab project types

External presenter project

The External presenter project allows you to use third-party software and comes with the Record and Analyze modules. Use the External presenter project when using third-party software such as E-Prime to present stimuli and Tobii Pro Lab to analyze the eye tracking data. For a more consistent workflow, we recommend using the Advanced Screen Project in Tobii Pro Lab. Refer to the Tobii E-Prime web page or Tobii developer web page for additional information.

Tobii Pro Lab project types

Scene Camera Project

The Scene camera project enables you to use a video feed from an external camera as your stimulus. Thus, this project comes with the Record and Analyze modules. Use a Scene camera project when you use an external video camera to record events in the real world using a screen-based eye tracker.

Scientific publications

Did you know that over 12,000 scientific publications feature Tobii eye tracking technology? Discover the latest trends in eye tracking using screen-based eye trackers by exploring our scientific publication library.

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