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Wearable eye tracking studies

Dive into wearable eye tracking studies effortlessly with Tobii Pro Lab software. Tobii Pro Lab complements data collected with Tobii Pro Glasses, enriching your research for exploratory and in-depth analysis.

Extending research boundaries with wearable eye tracking

Our wearable eye tracker enables examining real-world behavior by capturing eye movements and gaze data in diverse environments beyond the lab. It helps understand perceptual-motor skills, visual foundations of expertise, and visual behavior during social interactions or decision-making. The technology finds applications across fields such as education, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), wayfinding, sports, and psychology.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 used at Heathrow airport

Analyze and understand your Tobii Pro Glasses data with Tobii Pro Lab

The Glasses project type within Tobii Pro Lab enables the use of Tobii Pro Glasses 3 and Tobii Pro Glasses 2 (discontinued) recordings to investigate eye movement strategies in real-world scenarios. Upon importing the raw data into Tobii Pro Lab, you can review, inspect, and filter it, facilitating the streamlining of data processing.

Analyze participants’ behavior and use gaze metrics, dynamic visualizations, and various export formats to hasten the journey from data capture to insightful outputs, whether visual or data-centric.

Tobii Pro Lab - Analyzer

Relevant publications

Exploring the awe-some: Mobile eye-tracking insights into awe in a science museum

Krogh-Jespersen and colleagues (2020) paired traditional survey measures with wearable eye tracking technology to examine the experience of awe within a science museum. Using Tobii Pro Lab, researchers were able to aggregate eye tracking data by mapping each individual visual behavior to static pictures of the exhibits of interest.

The gaze patterns of group fitness instructors based on different levels of training and professional experience

Campos and colleagues (2023) compared group fitness instructors’ gaze patterns according to their training and professional experience. They used Tobii Pro Glasses 3 to capture fitness instructors' gaze patterns while teaching a choreography class. With Tobii Pro Lab, the researchers analyzed the recordings, defined AOIs, and created heat maps of the fixation and saccade counts and duration.

Comparing driver reaction and mental workload of visual and auditory take-over request from perspective of driver characteristics and eye-tracking metrics

Chen and colleagues (2023) studied drivers’ reactions and mental workload during different take-over request modalities while the driver is engaged in non-driving related tasks. The researchers recorded their data with Tobii Pro Glasses 3 and used Tobii Pro Lab for further analysis. They classified saccades and fixations using Tobii Pro Lab built-in algorithms.