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Tobii UX Explore

Quick and easy UX testing

Test smarter on smartphones

Test your UX design on the devices people use the most. Wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, understand how participants experience your digital products remotely, in their natural environments.


What is Tobii UX Explore?

Tobii UX Explore offers quick and easy-to-understand insights about your user experience by letting you see through the eyes of your users.

With our UX testing platform, you’ll access a first-person perspective of user attention, with accurate gaze visualizations, using just the user’s smartphone. Whether improving your e-commerce experience or conducting prototype testing, discover where your design causes unnecessary workload and confusion and make agile adjustments to your user experience.

The importance of mobile testing

Whether a user is browsing a website or navigating an app, the chances are it’s all happening on a smartphone. Let’s look at the numbers:

  • 73%

    of online purchases are made on smartphones

  • 435k

    apps are downloaded every minute

  • 1/3

    of the average waking day is spent on a smartphone

  • $320k

    is spent using smartphones every minute

Why use Tobii UX Explore

Why Tobii UX Explore?

Tobii UX Explore

See the unseen

Every company tries to capture attention, but few know how to measure it. We show you how user attention is distributed and where the blind spots are throughout your user journey.

Tobii UX Explore

Immediate insights

Back up your design changes with clear, reliable attention data. Tobii UX Explore lets you make agile and confident decisions that you can stand by, minimizing the risk of wasteful and costly alterations. It’s lab-quality insights without the lab.

Tobii UX Explore

The need for speed

Tobii UX Explore lets you set up your test in minutes, distribute the task to participants, and get the results back seconds after completion. Make quick changes and keep your momentum!

Tobii UX Explore

Anyone, anywhere

See how participants behave naturally wherever they are, test users across the world, and do it all through the smartphone’s in-built camera! It’s easy, efficient, and end-to-end!


Applications for Tobii UX Explore

Tobii UX Explore use case

E-commerce user journey testing

Find out how users experience the design, navigation, and flow of your e-commerce platform. Uncover potential usability problems early-on and see how your product compares to competitors.

Tobii UX Explore use case prototype

Prototype testing

Get early insights into the usability challenges of your app to save time and money on engineering work later on. Compare your different design alternatives to pick the best option for users, and discover the expectations, distractions, and intentions that your app design causes.

How it works

How does a Tobii UX Explore study work?

With Tobii UX Explore, we make it easier than ever to get deep user insights into your design and consumer journey. In fact, there’s just three key steps to a successful Tobii UX Explore study.

Tobii UX Explore use case


  • Tobii UX Explore is a game changer for measuring attention on smartphones. I am astonished by the accuracy and reliability of the solution

    Philipp Reiter


    Logo for Eye Square


Frequently asked questions

Have questions about Tobii UX Explore? Visit our FAQs to learn more.

Tobii UX Explore FAQs

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What to run a pack or ad study?

We also offer eye tracking software tools for large-scale, quantitative studies. Why not check out Sticky by Tobii where you can test your ads and packaging on hundreds of participants across the globe!

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