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Innovative healthcare with eye tracking

Across the healthcare sector, researchers and businesses are developing new and inventive ways to diagnose and detect illnesses and disabilities and provide modern and efficient healthcare. With eye tracking technology and attention computing, we can drive innovation and improve healthcare across the globe.

Eye tracking in healthcare

Eye tracking technology empowers quick and early diagnosis of potentially life altering diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It helps in the long-term treatment and therapy of certain disorders and disabilities. Attention computing even promotes safety, security, and efficiency features in medical devices to improve working conditions. What’s more, the potential of attention computing is always expanding.

Assessment and diagnosis

Certain eye movements can indicate traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dyslexia. By tracking these subtle movements, it is possible to detect and treat certain conditions early on. The method is non-invasive for the patient and helps eliminate observation biases for the practitioner, leading to better outcomes.

Doctor with a young patient

Treatment and therapy

We provide eye tracking solutions that pave the way for groundbreaking treatment and therapy methods. We have partnered with technological innovators to leverage eye tracking into powerful treatments, for example our collaboration with NovaSight has enabled a quick and effective therapy for Lazy Eye in children, using non-invasive glasses and their favorite Netflix shows!

Young girl recovering from eye surgery

Surgical robotics technology

Attention computing enables remote-controlled surgical robots to conduct small incisions with highly accurate maneuvers, making possible a range of minimally invasive procedures that promote speedy recovery. Eye sensor technology decodes human attention by transforming head-and-eye biometrics and movements into real-time data streams and the small form factor allows integration into the surgical workstation. This enables enhanced remote collaboration, simpler surgical workflows, fewer touchpoints, easy skills transfer, and a range of safety features.

Surgical robotics

Safety and wellbeing

Integrating eye tracking into medical devices enables features that promote safe use, higher levels of wellbeing, and lower stress for patients and professionals. Eye activity illuminates’ fatigue, drowsiness, and low concentration as well as device usage insights allowing the device to react in ways that encourage healthy behavior.

Woman working in a hospital

Assistive technology

By allowing a person to control a device with their eyes, attention computing inspired assistive technology empowers ageing and disabled people to communicate with greater ease and independence. These devices generate speech, connect to the internet, and include applications for writing, drawing, and creating music.

Tobii Healthcare - assistive technology

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