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Automation and digital transformation

Accelerate your sustainable transition to automation

If your organization is looking to develop its automation or worker support systems, the first step is to understand how the work is carried out today. Accurate gaze measurements and motion data of current manual work helps you make a sustainable transition to automation.

Eye tracking helps you solve

Automation process

Struggle automating processes

  • You don’t know which areas of your work are suitable for automation.

  • Your automated systems aren’t matching the performance or productivity of workers.

Automated system - work inspecting

Difficulty developing worker support system

  • You don’t know how to integrate augmented reality for worker support.

  • Lack of a standard operating procedure is limiting your ability to develop.

  • You want to develop human-robot co-existence in your organization.

With eye tracking you can

  • Visualize how your workplace functions ensuring you know which areas to automate.

  • Provide accurate standardization data needed for automation.

  • Using clear and established processes in place, AI knows how to improve and maintain effective operation.

Person doing a quality check in an automotive factory

How it works

1. Visualize

Identify differences and commonalities in attention between experts and non-experts. Combine eye tracking with interviews to get a deeper understanding of reasons and motivations.

2. Standardize

Use eye tracking data and interview answers to create standard operating procedures that are efficient and effective.

3. Improve

Enhance the training process to save cost and time. Standardized data can be used for education, work instructions, and onboarding resources.

Unlocking the hidden skills of your employees through attention data

A sample report of eye tracking insights for specialist workplaces

We believe that the only way to understand and articulate hidden skills is by capturing and analyzing attention. Download our sample report to see the insights and visualizations available with an eye tracking study.

Person at a computer

Technology and expertise

Tobii Insight - Onsite training

Research consultancy service

Our research consultancy service has the tools and resources to help you to design and run studies that improve your automation and digital transformation. Our team help improve efficiency and effectiveness in your training methods by using powerful video documentation of real operator behavior. Tobii Insight experts have helped companies across the world conduct eye tracking studies, including a range of leading Japanese manufacturing firms. After your study with Tobii Insight, you can continue optimizing in the long-term with our wearable eye tracking solutions.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Wearable eye tracking

Built to be lightweight and unobtrusive, our wearable eye tracker is perfect for conducting studies on the factory floor and in training scenarios. The wide-angle scene camera shows you exactly what your employees see and do while working without disrupting their natural behavior. Having eye tracking glasses in your organization allows you to continually improve your training and best practices.

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