Equipment inspection

Equipment inspection and patrol

Maintain quality and efficiency with eye tracking insights

Maintaining high quality equipment inspection and patrol requires that workers know exactly what to look for. Eye tracking allows you to see through the eyes of your experienced employees, helping you understand their visual patterns and train new recruits while boosting quality, safety, and efficiency across the board.

Eye tracking helps you solve

Onboarding in the workplace

Training difficulties

  • Transferring the knowledge of experienced employees to trainees takes longer than expected.

  • Experienced employees struggle to explain their visual patterns at work.

  • Difficulty teaching staff to be more pro-active in patrol and equipment inspection.

Faulty equipment inspection

Faulty equipment

  • Varying inspection techniques between staff result in inconsistent completion times and faulty equipment going unnoticed.

  • There is no consistent and optimized strategy for checking equipment functionality. 

  • Newcomers recognize abnormalities less often than experienced workers resulting in the need for further supervision.  

  • Equipment is out of action for too long due to small unnoticed faults becoming worse over time.

Inspection - safety worker

Safety, quality, efficiency issues

  • Poor inspection techniques are causing a safety hazard.

  • Patrols and inspections need to be redone at extra effort and cost.

  • Production is declining and quality suffering due to sub-optimal inspection and patrol.

With eye tracking you can

  • Use attention data to help you see through the eyes of advanced equipment inspectors and supervisors, revealing tacit knowledge.

  • Extract, analyze, and standard the techniques of experienced staff enables efficient skills transfer.

  • Help teach how to have pro-active attention and train all teams to the same high standards.

  • Combine attention data with interviews lets you identify base reasonings behind visual patterns.

Tobii Equipment inspection

How it works

1. Visualize

Identify differences and commonalities in attention between experts and non-experts. Combine eye tracking with interviews to get a deeper understanding of reasons and motivations.

2. Standardize

Use eye tracking data and interview answers to create standard operating procedures that are efficient and effective.

3. Improve

Enhance the training process to save cost and time. Standardized data can be used for education, work instructions, and onboarding resources.

Technology and expertise

Professional Performance - Skills Transfer

Research consultancy service

Our research consultancy service has the tools and resources to help you to design and run studies that improve your equipment inspection and patrol capabilities. Our team help improve efficiency and effectiveness in your training methods by using powerful video documentation of real operator behavior. Tobii Insight experts have helped companies across the world conduct eye tracking studies, including a range of leading Japanese manufacturing firms. After your study with Tobii Insight, you can continue optimizing in the long-term with our wearable eye tracking solutions.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 with tinted safety lenses

Wearable eye tracking

Built to be lightweight and unobtrusive, our wearable eye tracker is perfect for conducting studies on the factory floor and in training scenarios. The wide-angle scene camera shows you exactly what your employees see and do while working without disrupting their natural behavior. Having eye tracking glasses in your organization allows you to continually improve your training and best practices.

Contact us 

Our team are experienced in applying technology and research expertise for effective eye tracking studies.  Let’s talk about how your study might look. 

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