Tobii Pro Glasses 3 controller app
Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Controller app

Take full control of Tobii Pro Glasses 3 during data collection and uncover insights in the moment while viewing recordings and tracking live gaze patterns.

How it works

How the controller app works

Download the app and access a range of features that allow you to control your study and analyze the data.

Operating the glasses

Operating the glasses

The controller app lets you operate all functions of
Tobii Pro Glasses 3 and manage data collection.

Use the controller app to:

  • Manage participant information.

  • Start, stop, and replay recordings.

  • Manage recordings.

  • Calibrate the eye tracker.

  • Automatically save video and audio of sessions and interviews.

  • Mark important events during observation.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 used at Heathrow airport

Analyzing the data

Analyzing the data

The controller app simplifies live viewing, replay, and data analysis for Tobii Pro Glasses 3. Use the controller app to:

  • Follow gaze in real-time without intruding on natural behavior.

  • Replay recordings for post-interview or video coaching.

  • Follow-up on events marked during observation.

  • Export video in full or in snippets.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 controller

Designed for all

The controller app runs on Windows and Mac computers as well as on Android devices. The app is also available in English, Chinese, and Japanese languages.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 with controller

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