Shopper research

Providing a seamless shopping experience

It can be difficult to understand why shoppers make certain decisions in-store, especially without understanding consumer attention. By exploring the attention patterns of your consumers while they shop, we empower you to make design decisions that enhance the customer journey and increase conversion.

Access hidden data

Much of a consumer’s motivation while shopping is implicit and can’t be reliably tracked without attention data. While traditional research data exposes only the tip of the iceberg, attention data uncovers what lies below the surface.

See more. Sell more.

Eye tracking lets you see through your consumers’ eyes, offering a unique perspective into what encourages them to convert. Use these insights to optimize the path to purchase, and make sure the product they purchase is yours.


Shopping for truth

This handy guide will show you how you can get inside the minds of shoppers and see through their eyes – literally! 

Consumer research

What can I learn?

  • How shoppers navigate the store
  • What attracts attention in-store
  • When shoppers make decisions and why
  • Which competitors a consumer considers
  • Which visual elements are ignored
Consumer research

What can I do?

  • Optimize the shopping experience

  • Make important visual elements more attractive

  • Redesign distracting visual elements

  • Reimagine the shopping flow

  • Understand sales data on a deeper level

  • Increase conversion and basket size

Insights your way

Your research toolbox

By combining attention insights with other market research methodologies, you paint a holistic picture of your core consumer. Eye tracking supports and enhances other methods in your research toolbox such as focus groups, shop-along studies, and interviews. By combining attention data with other methods, your consumer insights can be placed into new and meaningful contexts.

Tobii Insight

Our research consultancy service has the tools and resources to help you conduct a shopper research study and capture authentic data on the behavior of your consumers in real life environments. We offer a swift turnaround from insights to impact, acting as an agile research partner for every phase of the process. This is an ideal option for those hoping to conduct in-store studies and assess the impact of their retail design. Our team of experts will help guide your study so you can focus on the insights.

A test leader observing live an eye tracking test run with Tobii Pro Glasses 2 in a shop


  • Eye tracking as an implicit research method is just unique. With footage from the recordings, we can show brands and retailers the real customer experience and give them evidence if their measures perform or not.

    Florian Reinhard


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Our team are experienced in applying technology and research expertise for effective shopper insight studies. Let’s talk about how your study might look.

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