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Helping you see through the eyes of the consumer

Everyone wants to know how their consumers truly think and feel. With eye tracking, you can see through their eyes. Whether you want to visualize the impact of your shopper journey, packaging design, advertising, or user experience, attention data is unbiased and empowers you to attract more customers.


  • As consumers move their media behavior more and more mobile, Sticky enables learnings & insights from where the consumers really are, allowing us at P&G to continue keep the consumer at heart.

    Tobias Graaf Bjöersdorff

    Nordic Data & Digital Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble

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  • We use eye tracking because it brings insights you may never have thought about.

    Jeroen van der Kallen

    Customer Insight and Innovation Manager Europe, Unilever

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  • By tracking a potential customer’s point of gaze, we were able to measure aspects of the decision-making process in a way that has never been done before.

    Jonas Yden

    Head of Insight & Innovation, Carlsberg Group  

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