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Sports performance research

Eye tracking in sports performance research

Knowing where and when to look is crucial for the execution of a skilled motor action. Our eye tracking solutions capture gaze behavior data that can be used for developing improved training programs, assessment methods, and injury prevention strategies.

Why use eye tracking?

When examining sports performance, there is a difference between looking and seeing. Training athletes to see the most relevant aspects of the target can enhance their trajectory estimation, visual search, and decision-making skills. These perceptual-cognitive processes are now accessible for objective evaluation with eye tracking technology.

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What you can measure with eye tracking

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 combined with our analysis software Tobii Pro Lab are all you need to run sports performance studies and acquire quantitative data underlying perceptual-cognitive skills, including:

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Decision making

Study visual cues that influence decision-making in real-time. Improve strategic thinking and decision-making process by identifying information overlooked to tunnel vision.

archery target


Train athletes to focus on the most relevant aspects of stimulus and enhance their anticipation, hand-eye coordination, or trajectory estimation skills.

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Visual search strategy

Analyze gaze patterns of an effective search strategy for locating relevant targets and opportunities during a game.

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Increase the efficiency of athletes’ gaze behavior by directing their eye movements to information-rich areas of sports scenes.

American football

Ability to read the game

Learn how players anticipate and interpret game dynamics, improving their tactical awareness.

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Quiet eye

Relatively long final fixation on a target is linked to successful performance in precision sports like golf and shooting. Study and improve this gaze strategy with eye tracking.

Fields of research

  • Sports analytics

  • Coaching and training

  • Rehabilitation

  • Sports psychology

  • Motor control

  • Sports medicine

The benefits of eye tracking

Downhill slalom ski competition

Robust data capture and analysis

We provide solutions for examining sports performance — whether you are conducting a study on a football field, ski run, or a lab. Our solutions deliver robust data, enable freedom of movement, and are easy to use.

Training Karate athletes

Shortcut the learning curve

Elite athletes, judges, and coaches demonstrate superior visual search strategies compared to novices in many sports and disciplines, including ice hockey, football, and karate. Use eye tracking to study how life-long training influences one’s ability to read the game and use this knowledge to shortcut the learning curve from novice to expert.

Qualysis motion capture markers on Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Improve hand-eye coordination

Efficient visual-motor coordination is crucial for high athletic performance in sports like rock climbing, tennis, and darts. Tobii eye trackers are compatible with many motion capture solutions, for example, Qualisys. The combination of eye tracking and motion capture will help you gather insights about athletes’ hand-eye coordination into improved training strategies.

Research setups for sports research

Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Wearable for the real world

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 wearable eye tracker allows complete freedom of movement, which is crucial when studying athletic performance. The lightweight design of the glasses, coupled with a wireless connection, allows participants to perform their sport as usual.

Tobii Pro Lab and Tobii Pro Spark - bundle

Screen-based for the lab

For lab environments, our screen-based eye trackers, Tobii Pro Fusion and Tobii Pro Spark, can be combined with Tobii Pro Lab to study athletes’ perceptual-cognitive processes.

Bundesliga VAR workstation

Screen-based for the field

In the field, you can connect the plug-and-play
Tobii Pro Spark eye tracker to a screen in, say football Video Operation Rooms (VOR), or any other location where study participants are readily available. Works together with Tobii Pro Lab to gather insights on gaze behavior.

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Scientific publications

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publications feature Tobii eye tracking technology?
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Enabling success

We offer tailored support to address research needs throughout your journey with our eye tracking solutions.

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