Shopping in a store wearing Tobii Pro Glasses 3
Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Consumer research and user experience

Understand consumers on a deeper level by observing them in-store, at home, or in any other context with Tobii Pro Glasses 3. Let consumers interact with a product or retail environment and observe in real-time, without intruding on their natural behavior.

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  • We use eye tracking because it brings insights you may never have thought about.

    Jeroen van der Kallen

    Customer Insight and Innovation Manager Europe, Unilever

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  • This technology will help us humanize the interfaces, improving the user experience. With it we’ll certainly go a step further in the quality of the infotainment console of the future.

    Rubén Martínez


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  • By tracking a potential customer’s point of gaze, we were able to measure aspects of the decision-making process in a way that has never been done before.

    Jonas Yden

    Head of Insight & Innovation, Carlsberg Group  

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Consumer research

Consumer research

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 lets you observe your consumers through a first-person perspective, without affecting their natural behavior and decision-making. Find out why your customers make certain choices, how shoppers navigate in-store, and how you can optimize your visual elements to increase conversion rates.

Man shopping in a store using Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Use cases

Discover how Tobii Pro Glasses 3 are used to improved packaging and product placement.

User experience

User experience

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 shows you precisely how users experience your design by tracking their gaze patterns as they encounter your product or navigate your user experience in a real-world context. Get access to hidden insights into where users experience hesitation, frustration, or deep flow.

Person using Tobii Pro Glasses 3 in a driving simulator

Use cases

Discover how Tobii Pro Glasses 3 are used to research wayfinding and improve user experience.



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