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Tobii’s market-leading eye tracking and attention computing solutions deliver critical value to manufacturers, automotive suppliers, and research institutes throughout the vehicle lifecycle — from research, UX/design and production to buyer and driver experiences.

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Tobii's Automotive Offering

Car designers


Renowned research institutes collaborate with OEMs, as well as other parts of the automotive industry, leveraging Tobii eye tracking technologies to carry out non-invasive behavioral research.

Woman interacting with car interface


The majority of global OEMs rely on our eye tracking technology in their UX/design processes because of the objective and data-based feedback it can generate about design features.

Assembly line car industry


Several OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers use our eye tracking glasses for continuous factory process enhancement, quality improvement, and to facilitate skills transfer.

Car showroom

Buyer experience

Vehicle showroom designers use Tobii’s technologies to extract insights throughout the sales process by capturing the buyer’s attention in the showroom, during the test drive, and purchase.

Tobii Driver Monitoring System - distracting driving

Driver Monitoring

Tobii Driver Monitoring System
is a powerful solution for identifying drivers and assessing their attention — saving lives by delivering real-time feedback on driver state, such as drowsiness and distraction.

Woman driving a car with Tobii Pro Glasses 3


Tobii Pro Glasses 3 are used for research, marketing, and consumer studies as well as workplace productivity and quality assessment.

Why Driver Monitoring is vital


Driver Monitoring Research shows that two-thirds of drivers are distracted in the seconds before an accident. Next generation driver monitoring systems (DMSs) play a vital role in reducing this statistic because they alert drivers about certain dangerous behaviors, helping to safeguard all road users including other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Tobii DMS - person driving looking at mobile phone

Reduce accidents

By 2025, new EU regulations will come into force, mandating driver drowsiness and attention awareness systems (DMS) in all new vehicles.

Road statistics Europe

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Tobii works closely with vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to integrate Tobii’s technologies at every stage of vehicle lifecycle. If you’re keen to know more, see our Tobii DMS offerings.

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