Device optimization
Device optimization

Eye tracking delivers comfort and performance

Tobii’s eye tracking and the dynamic foveation it enables is a smart way to get more out of a device without creating design trade-offs. When it comes to comfort, eye tracking delivers several features such as auto-IPD, slippage compensation, and help with positioning that promote an optimal experience.

Dynamic foveated rendering enhances device performance

By leveraging where the user looks, dynamic foveated rendering dramatically reduces the processing needs to render a scene in real time without any perceived compromise in visual quality. The headroom foveation delivers can be used to maintain high frame rates, support high resolution graphics with existing GPU, or enhance graphics without increasing GPU load.

Tobii Foveation

Eye tracking enhances comfort

In addition to boosting performance, eye tracking can help to raise comfort, protecting the user’s up-front investment.
The features our eye tracking enables include:

Auto IPD

Auto IPD

Interpupillary distance measurement is essential to optimal comfort and immersive experience in interacting with virtual objects and scenes. Tobii offers auto IPD to enable convenient measurement and correct sense of scale to ensure the maximum user comfort and immersion enjoyed by the largest user population. It requires no additional components and adds no extra weight or mechanical complexity.

Man wearing a VR headset

Positioning guide

A headset worn in a way that's vertically or horizontally misaligned or tilted will not deliver the best possible user experience. Our guide helps users position the headset appropriately so that their eyes are in the optical sweet spot of the device and view the display with full clarity, free from distortion introduced by the lens.

Woman removing her VR headset

Slippage compensation

We designed our eye tracking solutions to detect and factor for headset movement — often called slippage. The data our eye tracking solutions deliver remains robust if the headset moves, if the user removes the headset, and when they put it back in place.

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