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Fields of use

Applications for eye tracking in XR

The wide-reaching application of eye tracking shows in the diversity of our customers and partners and in the variety of use cases they present.

Who we work with

We work with people in industries and scientific researchers looking for data to deliver new findings or to solve problems innovatively. The journey with our customers starts with research, continues through innovation, and on to commercialization.

Medical and healthcare

Leverage essential brain, visual, and behavioral biomarkers to build groundbreaking screening, assessment, and therapy applications.

Fields of use for XR - Healthcare

Gaming and entertainment

A single technology to enhance XR experiences, boost device performance, support handsfree interaction, and create life-like avatars with real-time eye contact and interaction.

Tobii XR - Gaming with VR

VR training

Delivering low-cost authentic training experiences that allow people to train and learn in a robust and effective way that leverages gaze insights.

Tobii XR - VR training

Remote assistance

Enhance remote communication, collaboration, and expert assistance by sharing information about what field technicians and medical staff, for example pay attention to.

XR - remote assistance

Immersive design

Collaborate with colleagues across the globe, iterating design, with real-time user testing for unbiased feedback, anytime, anywhere.

Car designers

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