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System optimization

Optimization throughout the XR ecosystem

The XR ecosystem relies on a range of technologies, standards, and concepts to deliver the optimum user experience. Eye tracking enables off-device processing and content delivery over 5G and Wi-Fi, ensuring its place among essential XR technologies.

Boundless XR

Proposed by Qualcomm, the concept of Boundless XR aims to offload processing to a local PC over Wi-Fi or to edge/cloud servers over low latency 5G, for example. And because it enables high-quality graphics that underpin immersive user experiences, Boundless XR will drive XR adoption.


Proposed by NVIDIA, CloudXR enables remote servers to stream XR content to any wired or wirelessly connected headset. It supports XR adoption and development of lightweight devices capable of running graphics, compute, and memory-heavy enterprise applications.

Foveated transport

Foveated transport is a handshaking solution between the headset and remote processing. It reduces video encoding and decoding latency, bandwidth use, and transfer latency by leveraging where the user focuses. Foveated transport informs remote servers where to render graphics in high definition, enabling split-rendering architectures and enhancing data transmission, raising visual quality in the headset.

XR Split rendering

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