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Academic marketing and consumer research

Data-driven marketing and consumer research

Eye tracking brings deep consumer-behavior insights into the mix because it can measure how advertising, messaging, and packaging capture shopper attention — helping academics assess the effectiveness of store layouts, product placement, and ad content.

Why use eye tracking?

Data collected from eye tracking suggests how to create more successful marketing messages that capture attention and resonate with today’s consumers.

In the continuously evolving media landscape, it is also a popular research method to understand new media habits and their influence on consumer decisions.

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What you can measure with eye tracking

The eye tracking solution with a dedicated application, like our software Tobii Pro Lab, can further process the eye tracking data to draw valuable conclusions on a wide variety of cognitive and behavioral processes, including: 

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Consumer choice processes

Study how consumers evaluate and select products.

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Economic decisions

Examine visual attention during price comparisons and purchase deliberations.

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Device use habits

Learn about visual attention shifts across devices to understand usage preferences.

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Cognitive bias

Identify cognitive biases by measuring fixation duration and gaze patterns on products.

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Shopper behavior

Study browsing and decision-making behavior in-store.

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Media channel preferences

Analyze where consumers look within various media formats.

Uses of eye tracking

There are many ways to leverage eye tracking data in marketing research:

  • Advertising research

  • Packaging research

  • Web design

  • Store layout

  • Wayfinding

  • Device use

Research set ups for academic marketing and consumer research

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Wearable for the real world

The Tobii Pro Glasses 3 wearable eye tracker allows complete freedom of movement, which is crucial for behavioral insights in the real world. The lightweight design of the glasses, coupled with a wireless connection, allows participants to perform their tasks as usual.

Tobii Pro Lab and Tobii Pro Spark

Screen-based for the lab

For lab environments, our screen-based eye trackers, Tobii Pro Fusion and Tobii Pro Spark, can be combined with Tobii Pro Lab to study perceptual-cognitive processes.

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Screen-based for the field

In the field, you can connect the plug-and-play Tobii Pro Spark eye tracker to a screen in, say, a shopping mall, where study participants are readily available. Works together with Tobii Pro Lab to gather insights on gaze behavior.

Discover how universities unlocked insights using eye tracking

Shopping in a store wearing Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Scientific publications

Did you know that over 12,000 scientific publications feature
Tobii eye tracking technology?

Discover the latest trends in eye tracking for Academic marketing
and consumer research by exploring our scientific publication library.

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