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Eye tracking and understanding learning processes

Eye tracking is an established method for observing and collecting behavioral data, such as eye movements and pupil dilation. It helps researchers dig deep into the learning process by acquiring objective and accurate insights.

Why use eye tracking?

Eye tracking allows to measure attention, especially in digital learning contexts, aiding in assessment and personalized education. It offers richer insights beyond traditional metrics, such as eye movement patterns and pupil dilation, which can assess reading ability and cognitive load and identify issues like dyslexia.

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What you can measure with eye tracking

The eye tracking solution with a dedicated application, like our software Tobii Pro Lab, can further process the eye tracking data to draw valuable conclusions on a wide variety of cognitive processes, including:

Tobii Pro Spectrum

Focused attention

Learn about where and when students focus their attention during a task. Understand what type of content captivates learners’ interest the most.

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Cognitive load

Identify instances of cognitive overload and use this knowledge to optimize instructional materials for better learning outcomes.

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Problem solving

Track gaze patterns as individuals engage in problem-solving tasks, offering insights into their approach, strategies, and focus areas.

Tobii Pro Spectrum

Decision making

Eye movements during decision-making can inform the cognitive processes, such as information scanning or considering alternatives.

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Reading skills

Learn about students’ reading behavior, proficiency, and comprehension levels by measuring fixation durations, saccades, and regressions.

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Information retention

Explore the effectiveness of the instructional method in promoting information retention and identify presentation formats that best capture learners’ attention.

Application areas

  • Digital transformation

    Eye tracking helps speed up didactic processes, supporting continued assessment and individualized training and therapies.

  • Assessing reading levels

    Eye tracking provides rich insights revealing reading ability and assessing cognitive load.

  • Enhanced training

    Use the technology to show trainees what an expert looks at, the order in which they look at objects, and what captures their attention.

  • In the classroom

    Universities are equipping entire classrooms and labs with eye tracking technology and developing hands-on carouses.

Research setups for learning and education research

A boy reading on a Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker

Screen-based for the lab

For lab environments, our screen-based eye trackers, Tobii Pro Spectrum and Tobii Pro Fusion, can be combined with Tobii Pro Lab to study various learning processes.

Tobii Pro Fusion Set up

Screen-based for the field

In the field, you can connect the plug-and-play Tobii Pro Fusion or
Tobii Pro Spark eye trackers to a screen in, say, a classroom, or any other location where study participants are readily available. Works together with Tobii Pro Lab to gather insights on gaze behavior.

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Scientific publications

Did you know that over 12,000 scientific
publications feature Tobii eye tracking technology?

Discover the latest trends in eye tracking for learning and education
research by exploring our scientific publication library.

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