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Learning and education

Eye tracking and understanding learning processes

Eye tracking is an established method for observing and collecting behavioral data, such as eye movements and pupil dilation. It helps researchers dig deep into the learning process by acquiring objective and accurate insights. In addition, pupillometric data allows for the measurement of cognitive effort required to complete a task.

The benefits of eye tracking in learning and education

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An enabler for digital transformation

Eye tracking is an efficient and accurate way to capture what a person pays attention to. For this reason, it can be put to great use in digital learning and education applications, including assessment, remedial measures, and follow-up. As an enabler for digital transformation, eye tracking helps speed up didactic processes, supporting continued assessment and individualized training and therapies.

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Rich insights

Traditional assessment indicators, such as task completion time, are a broad indication of potential learning difficulties. Eye tracking can provide much richer insights, like the pattern of saccades and fixations our eyes produce when reading or how our pupils dilate when exposed to complex material. These kinds of insights reveal reading ability and can also be used to assess cognitive load and identify other issues like dyslexia, for example.

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Enhanced training

You can use the technology to show trainees what an expert looks at, the order in which they look at objects, and what captures their attention — proven to be a more robust way of retaining information.

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Eye tracking in the classroom

We see a growing interest from universities to equip entire classrooms and labs with eye tracking technology and to develop hands-on courses that prepare students to practically apply eye tracking in their later careers.

What you can measure with eye tracking

The eye tracking solution with a dedicated application, like our software Tobii Pro Lab, can further process the eye tracking data to draw valuable conclusions on a wide variety of cognitive processes, including:

  • Focus of attention

  • Cognitive load

  • Problem solving

  • Decision making

  • Reading skills

  • Information retention

Research setups for educational studies

Reading Research with Tobii Pro Spectrum Eye Tracker

Screen-based for the lab

For lab environments, our screen-based eye trackers,
Tobii Pro Spectrum and Tobii Pro Fusion, produce visual stimuli on a screen and work together with Tobii Pro Lab to deliver insights on study participant reactions.

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Screen-based for the field

You can connect the plug-and-play Tobii Pro Fusion eye tracker to any screen at a school or day-care facility to collect data in a nonintrusive way. Works together with Tobii Pro Lab to deliver insights on behavior.

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Standalone for the lab

If your study requires students to observe or interact with physical objects or an instructor, you can use Tobii Pro Spectrum in standalone mode. Works together with Tobii Pro Lab to deliver insights on behavior.

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Wearable for the real world

Designed for on-the-go data capture, our Tobii Pro Glasses 3 wearable eye tracker allows students to interact and move around freely, and enables you to design studies that closely reflect real-world scenarios — for the lab and the field.

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Reading Research with Tobii Pro Spectrum Eye Tracker

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