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Over the past two decades, the application of eye tracking has broadened significantly due in part to Tobii's continued R&D in the field of non-invasive eye tracking solutions. Since the data eye tracking generates can be used to deepen insights into human behavior and cognitive processes, the technology applies to a wide range of research domains.

The role of eye tracking in scientific research

The study of eye movements provides researchers from a wide variety of fields with insights into human behavior. Many scientific researchers have adopted eye tracking as an established research methodology because it:

  • Is an objective means to gain a deep understanding of human behavior.

  • Delivers unique insights into the cognitive processes underlying visual behavior and attention.

  • Is an unobtrusive and non-invasive technology that allows study participants to behave naturally during data collection.

  • Is a versatile and portable technology that you can use in the lab and the field.

  • Complements many other existing data collection methods, including EEG and physiological measures.

Choosing Tobii — a partner for successful research

Researchers choose Tobii because of our innovative eye tracking solutions and our commitment to the needs of the scientific community. Our high-quality solutions are easy to set up and always deliver trustworthy data.

You can rely on us throughout your journey. From the research question and every step of the way as you acquire funding, collect data, analyze, and publish.

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Serving the community for more than two decades

Trusted by thousands of universities and research institutes around the globe — including 99 of the world’s top 100 universities. More than 10,000 research publications reference Tobii.

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Scientific publications

Did you know that over 12,000 scientific publications feature Tobii eye tracking technology? Discover the latest trends in eye tracking by exploring our scientific publication library.


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Tobii offers tailored support to address research needs throughout your journey with Tobii’s eye tracking.

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Tobii Funding support services

Tobii Funding support services help you improve your grant proposals for research that includes eye tracking in its methodology

Tobii Connect

Tobii Connect

Tobii Connect delivers product documentation, how-to guides, and answers to FAQs as well as access to software updates. Our customer care services help with any technical issues concerning Tobii products.

Tobii Academy

Tobii Academy

Tobii Academy our online learning platform, helping you ensure study success at every step of the way from study design to interpreting your eye tracking data.